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Servoy is a privately-held company established to develop, sell and support the Servoy suite of products. Servoy markets an application development and deployment environment used to create and deploy user interface applications. The idea for Servoy started in 1998 by the four co-founders of the company -- being frustrated with the limitations of desktop database tools on one hand; and the complexity of web-based development tools, the steep learning curve, and the long development time on the other. The co-founders decided to build an enterprise-ready development and deployment environment -- based on industry standards -- that would enable developers to build solutions even faster than with desktop database tools. By 2002, the first beta version was ready; and by April 2003, the first commercial bundle of Servoy was shipped. Servoy Developer and Servoy Smart Client are compatible with virtually all computer platforms; and can connect to multiple and/or different SQL databases at the same time. In addition to the rich Servoy Smart Client that first shipped in 2003, a new Servoy Headless Client has been introduced -- to facilitate browser-based applications.
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