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WorldTelemetry, Inc.

WorldTelemetry is committed to Fueling Better Decisions in wet-stock management. The best decisions are based on accurate, actionable information. WorldTelmetry's asset management solution combines a powerful Business Intelligence software application, user-friendly Web Interface and a unique, intrinsically safe wireless monitoring network. Together, these technologies allow for unprecedented access to the information necessary for the best management decisions. The WorldTelemetry BI Application allows for charting, animation, statistical analysis and management suggestions that provide remarkable decision support. Utilizing data aggregated by our Web Interface, statistical information and best practices algorithms, the application is as knowledgeable about your tanks' activities and service needs as your most talented dispatcher.
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WorldTelemetry, Inc.
Phone :
(888) 283-8730

Address :
6914 S. Yorktown Ave.
Suite 210
Tulsa, OK 74136

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